Cuff Bracelet-Love

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  • Hand-etched, hammered, texturized
  • Sterling silver heart charms
  • One-of-a-kind free-form heart design
  • Aluminum cuff - 1" wide, light-weight, 2.5" diameter
  • Artisan's initials hand-etched on inside of cuff

Unlike jewelry that is mass-produced, my artisan handmade jewelry is not supposed to look perfect. I like my designs to appear organic, that’s why I design in a free-form manner. Each necklace and cuff bracelet that I design has character and hopefully will resonate with someone. All of my jewelry are one-of-a-kind designs.

This decorative artisan handmade cuff bracelet was created in a freeform design style, hand-etched with hearts and hand-hammered on the inside of the bracelet.

This metal cuff is very light-weight, 1" wide, slightly malleable and will adjust to your individual size by gently pulling apart (sometimes you don't even have to do that) and then squeezing it together after its on your wrist. I would suggest putting the cuff on by starting on one side of your wrist and gently pull over the rest of your wrist. You can even wear it further up your forearm if you want a more snug look. I even do this sometimes.

This cuff bracelet will fit a size 7-8 wrist. It is a very sturdy metal material and will hold its shape. I always etch my initials on the inside of every cuff bracelet.

To read more about the alternative aluminum metal that I use to design my cuff bracelets, please go to the aluminum Cuff Bracelet Description page.

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