DevaArt Studio

Original Alcohol Ink Art

I design and create original fine art paintings in the very fluid alcohol ink medium. Alcohol inks come in a wide range of beautiful, vibrant, brightly colored inks. It is a wonderful medium to work with and can produce many different and surprising outcomes. Alcohol inks hooked me from the first time I used this magical medium!

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, permanent and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces. You can pour them directly from the bottles or they also come in pens, which I love to use. My painting substrate is very smooth and the alcohol ink colors, which are quite vivid, float on top since since this type of substrate does not absorb liquid paint or ink.

The original painting sizes I work in are 5x7, 9x12, 11x14 and 20x26 (inches). You can always make the painting larger by adding matting and framing which you should do to keep it protected. I also spray the finished piece with a clear gloss protective spray that will not disturb the ink. I then use a coating of acrylic UV polymer varnish for a final layer of protection. All of my art work is original and handmade in the USA at DevaArt Studio.

Go to my Fine Art America online gallery to view and purchase original alcohol ink paintings.