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Original fine art made in the USA

Handmade Jewelry :: Alcohol Ink Art Giclee Prints

Handmade Jewelry

DevaArt Studio sells one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry using vintage beads, sterling silver components and charms, wire-wrapped jewelry (wire used is sterling silver, antique silver and/or antique copper), natural crystals (raw and tumbled smooth), authentic sea glass and beautiful Swarovski crystals.


Alcohol Ink Art

I create original alcohol ink art paintings. All of my artwork is handmade at DevaArt Studio.


Giclee Prints

My original paintings are reproduced as giclee prints on museum quality art papers (9 paper types available) or as canvas paintings. Various print sizes are available as well as custom matting and framing that you can pick out for your print. These giclee prints are professionally reproduced with exquisite colors.


Alcohol Ink Art

Handcolored Limited Edition Print

Tulip Serenade is a hand-colored limited edition print that is signed, titled and numbered by the artist. The print has many colorful tulips that seem to be swaying to music.

These limited edition prints were reproduced by an offset litho printing method. I meticulously hand-color each print in layers with color pencils. I hand-color the tulips using various shades of purples, blues and/or reds. Shades of green are used in the leaves and stems.

Each hand-colored print takes approximately 12-15 hours to complete. This print is a one-of-a-kind original piece of art because of the hand-coloring process. There are only 50 in this limited edition.

Art Nouveau Original Painting

Art Nouveau - Goddess of Astrology

The Art Nouveau style is characterized by the use of sinuous, graceful curving lines, interlaced patterns, women, flowers, plants and other motifs inspired by nature. Art Nouveau is one of my favorite art periods, and I began experimenting with its rhythmic fluid lines, flowing design and the strength of its stylization in my own work.


"Dee Van Houten's fine art is a testimony of her insight into the art of expression, as seen with her use of color, form and subject. Her fish swim through a myrid of muted, soft colors, her birds are pure beauty and her dancers are powerful and extend the boundries of perception. She is a master of interpretation."

– M.O., Art Teacher, Toronto, Canada

"I've collected Dee Van Houten's art work for 23 years, and its STILL not enough! I own 17 pieces, and though I'm running out of wall space, I'll hang her fanciful, bright, uniquely creative works of sheer joy from the CEILING if I have to! Everything from her whimsical animals and 'garden moments' to her Art Nouveau style women and thematic dance art engages the eye and delights the heart. She has a gift - treat yourself and share in"

– J.N., Attorney

"Amazing progress from student to disciplined artist. Dee's work shows a strong sense of form and accuracy of line. A promising artist."

– Barclay Sheaks; Associate Professor of Art (retired); Virginia Wesleyan University, Norfolk, Virginia

"I love my Mardi Gras poster that Dee designed. I have it hanging in my office right above my desk so I can see it every day. Each time I look at it, I see something new. The whimsical detail and artistry are fun and uplifting even on the toughest days. I feel blessed to know someone so talented!"

– J.T., Senior Editor